Women Leading the People

Women Leading the People

Liberty Leading the People is a painting by Eugène Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution of 1830, which toppled King Charles X.

Delacroix In a letter to his brother, he wrote: “if I haven’t fought for my country at least I’ll paint for her.”

Liberty Leading the People is considered to be a republican and anti-monarchist symbol,
Delacroix depicted Liberty as both an allegorical goddess-figure and a robust woman of the people.

If you look at this painting, the flag of her country is in one hand and in the other is a weapon, and she is at the forefront of the revolutionaries, calling for war and guiding people to war for justice and revolution.

In this piece, I have put this woman’s hair in place of the flag (because it is a symbol of freedom in Iran) and on the other hand it is her weapon that cut her hair and does the same thing, at the forefront, invites her people to fight for justice and revolution.

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