Road Trip

Road Trip

Story of a Relationship

The 10th item of the Couple series.

The Paykan (In Farsi meaning Arrow) is the first Iranian-made car produced by Iran Khodro between 1967 and 2005. The car was very popular in Iran from its introduction until its discontinuation. It is often colloquially referred as the Iranian chariot. In 1967, Rootes began exporting Hillman Hunters to Iran Khodro, for assembly in Iran. By the mid-1970s, full-scale manufacturing of the car (minus the engine) had started in Iran.

There were several types of Paykan, in 1980 a Peykan Deluxe model was built that appealed to many young people. In Iran, couples usually travel to the Caspian Sea for a leisure trip to northern Iran.

In this piece, I have shown that this couple is traveling to the north of Iran with a Peykan Deluxe.

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