Sohrāb comes across a fort between the border of Turan and Iran, where Gordāfarid’s father defends the fort. Gordāfarid was also a very skilled fighter and archer. After Sohrāb captures the commander of the fort, Gordāfarid puts on battle clothes and goes to battle with Sohrāb herself.

Sohrāb had to use his shield against the rain of Gordāfarid’s arrows. Then Sohrāb tears her war clothes with a spear, Gordāfarid draws a sword and breaks Sohrab’s spear by landing it.

In the end, Gordāfarid is forced to run away from the battlefield towards the fortress, but Sohrāb stops her and Gordāfarid escapes from him with cunning and runs inside the fortress.

Gordāfarid was a champion who fought against Sohrab and delayed the Turanian troops who were marching on Persia. She is a symbol of courage and wisdom for Iranian women.

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