Commander BiBi Maryam

Commander BiBi Maryam

Bibi Maryam Bakhtiari (1874–1937) was Iranian lur Bakhtiari revolutionary and activist of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution. As a military commander, she played a distinguished role when Bakhtiari forces successfully captured Tehran in 1909 as part of the revolutionary campaign to force the central government to establish democratic reforms.

Bibi Maryam was an educated and enlightened Iranian woman in the twentieth century. She was one of the foremost women’s rights activists and pioneers of freedom movements in the constitutional movement. Because of her nomadic life, Bibi Maryam was skilled in shooting techniques and craftsmanship.

Due to her bravity in the fight and the technical skills in disarming the ruling troops, her popularity increased so that she was given the honorary rank of sardar (high commander), and then she became famous as Sardar Bibi Maryam Bakhtiari.

I created this piece in honor of this fighter and freedom-loving lady in digital lithography style.

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